1. Interview: Hugh Frost

    Since its founding in 2009, Hugh Frost’s Landfill Editions has published some of the most exciting comics, short fiction and short fact books and zines to come out of the UK.  With a refreshing willingness to engage with the possibilities open to the contemporary publisher, no two Landfill books are alike giving their catalogue the feeling of a library from another world.  We sat down with Hugh to discuss the recently released second volume of his comics anthology, Mould Map

    BERSERKER  What is Mould Map?

    HUGH FROST  Mould Map is a comics and narrative art anthology series co-edited by myself and Leon Sadler, featuring all new work by a selection of artists from around the world, created in response to a specific direction and published annually towards the end of the year.

    BERSERKER  How is Mould Map #2 different from Mould Map #1?

    HUGH FROST  The first book references 50’s Roswell encounter style fan art and other naïve alien imagery.  The second book is more of an investigation into the transmission and mutation of aesthetics over vast timescales.  Also, more artists, more pages, more colours, companion prints and extra pages.  And shiny paper.

    BERSERKER  How did the theme for Mould Map #2 emerge?

    HUGH FROST  As a title for the series, ‘Mould Map’ refers to culture as the physical residue of civilisation and a virally exploding population. This theme explores the fluctuating aesthetic aspect of that idea.

    BERSERKER  What makes a cartoonist or illustrator a suitable contributor to Mould Map?

    HUGH FROST  If their ideas and artwork fit with the direction for the issue or they usually do something totally different we’d like to see them try something close to what we’re proposing.  That’s what we look for.

    BERSERKER  You’re distributing Mould Map through your publishing arm Landfill Editions.  What challenges does a contemporary independent comics publisher face?

    HUGH FROST  The challenge for us is almost all in the distribution.  Especially with Mould Map since it’s an oversized format and a lot of places wont stock it purely for that reason, it’s pretty annoying when logistics take priority over adventurous publishing projects.

    BERSERKER  What comics from the UK and the US are exciting you at the moment?

    HUGH FROST  Powr Mastrs, Tales From Greenfuzz (number 4 coming soon?!?), 1-800-Mice, the Thickness anthologies, Black Mass, The Heavy Hand.

    BERSERKER  What does the landscape of comics publishing look like in 2012 and beyond?

    HUGH FROST  Colourful and flat.

    BERSERKER  You also make comics yourself; what new work do you have coming up?

    HUGH FROST  Some contributions to a few anthologies/magazines and maybe a longer self contained story if I can concentrate long enough.

    BERSERKER  What releases does Landfill Editions have coming up in 2012?

    HUGH FROST  New books from Raphael Garnier, Steak Mtn and others, plus some really nice plates, textiles and prints from C.F., Viktor Hachmang and Øivin Horvei.  Psyched!

    Mould Map #2 is available now from Landfill Editions.

    Simon & Tom